• It’s always nice to get a group of dogs and owners together in a relaxed environment and the social sessions we run are designed for just that. You get chance to work on some training (lead pulling, recall) and your dog has the chance to have some off lead play as well.

  • The Small Dog Social Club

    The Small Dog Social sessions are designed for small breeds only to have some time to train and play off lead with other breeds of similar size.  Owners can relax knowing their dogs are unlikely to be knocked over or intimidated by big and boisterous dogs.  The sessions allow small dog play in a controlled environment.

  • Allsorts Group

    For older and bigger dogs, we run an Allsorts Group. Again, we work with the dogs as a group teaching them to walk nicely and behave in a good, social manner. Depending on the dogs in the group, there will also be a chance for an off lead play to stretch those long legs.