• one to one training

    Because sometimes it’s not always so easy to get to group classes, or you may feel that you need a little more help, Rewards also offers 1-2-1 personal training sessions offered at home and in the park where you need the help most.

    The first visit is an assessment for me to meet you and your dog, see how you interact and learn about your relationship.  I take full notes and you get a report afterwards by email. Visiting you at home means I see you and your dog in a relaxed environment and can discuss with you a way forward for training or behaviour work.

    Each session is exclusively developed in conjunction with you and your family. Because we work on what YOU want to achieve I can help you to build a positive relationship and deal with the concerns that you have in a relaxed and fun way.  Giving you confidence and encouragement to learn to understand your dog.

    The sessions are suitable for all dog owners whether you are looking for puppy training, settling in a rescue dog or help with specific issues, I also offer behavioural training for difficult dogs.   

    Assessment cost £75

    Training session £75

    Block booking of four sessions paid in advance £240 (£60 per session not including assessment, these sessions can be taken over three months. Please see my terms and conditions for more information.)

  • Workshops

    I also offer group workshops covering the specific issues that I get asked about most. These are held at an enclosed field in Warnham on Tuesdays and Sundays. Some workshops will be for small dog breeds only  

    Workshops coming up are:

    Why won’t my dog come back?” Recall workshop - learn how to get your dog back when you want in a way that makes your dog want to stay with you.

    Heel!” How to get your dog to walk nicely beside you on a loose lead using either collar and lead or harness, head collar whatever you want to use. I’ll teach you how to keep your dog under control but also balanced and happy. 

    Just a walk in the park?” A socialisation workshop to give you some tips about meeting other dogs at the park. If your dog finds it hard to socialise, I’ll be able to give you confidence to let your dog play, learn when to walk away and deal with other dogs in the park. 


    Places are limited and the cost is £25 per dog.