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    I look forward to seeing clients old and new in the very near future!

  • July 2019

    Hope you are all well and enjoying the summer weather!  I emailed out some of the dates for the new classes coming up and the response has been brilliant.  The scentwork workshop is fully booked and I'll be running a full course in September.

    August dates for the diary are listed on the website already so contact me for the Puppy Foundation Courses, Teenage Tearaways Follow On Class and Good Citizen Bronze course as there are a couple of places left on each.

    I'm going to be adding the tips and techniques to the relevant page soon and there will be lots of new things happening as we go into September.  

    Hope to see you all soon and remember to keep your dog's cool in the heat.

    Sara, Edie and Rupert!

  • June 2019

    Well June went quickly as we have already had the longest day and the warm weather is here!  The dogs went to a Dog Show at the Millennium Green in Surbiton with Aimee and Jess, my assistants, who helped out on the stand while I was judging.  Looks like they've all had fun!

    I've been working at the Animal Behaviour Centre in Chertsey for a few months now teaching puppy classes and follow on classes on Tuesday evenings and all day Saturday.  I'm really enjoying working with a wide variety of dogs and owners.  If you want to book a place at any of the classes please visit their website at https://www.companyofanimals.co.uk/dog-training-and-animal-behaviour-centre/dog-training The facilities are amazing and it's such a pleasure to work there.

    The puppy beginners class at Yew Tree Vets in Cranleigh on Thursday evenings has now ended with Brie the French Bulldog and Freddie the Lab both graduating.  I'm about to launch a teenage and senior dog drop in clinic once a month there too.

    As from August I will be back teaching puppy foundation classes at Ewell and Aspen Vets.  Jo from Furrytails has moved on, so I've been asked back (I must be doing something right!).  The classes will be on Wednesday evenings with alternate months at Ewell or Aspen (depending on numbers).  In addition, I'm also planning to start running some follow on classes as well for older pups so if you're interested please get in touch.

    The exciting news is that I completed my training to teach scentwork classes.  This is a relatively new activity to the UK and it gives people who want to do something with their dog but need something less high impact than agility or fly ball.  I can't wait to start teaching this and Edie is already working through her exercises having attended the seminar with me!

    Finally, Rupert has been to several shows recently and has been doing well.  We'd already qualified for Crufts 2020 but he has now won four Challenge Certificates in Post Graduate class.  One more certificate and he'll have to move up to Limit class with the big boys!  His new groomer, Kathy, has been amazing in getting him ready and he really does look like a star in the ring.

    Have a good month and hope to see you all soon,

    Sara, Edie and Rupert.

  • May 2019

    Since returning from Crufts, I have been busy working on more 1-2-1 sessions and behaviour consultations.  I find these very rewarding in terms of helping owners and their dogs and vice versa!

    It was lovely to see so many people at the Small Dog Social sessions at the field in Warnham.  We focussed on recall and got some really good responses from the dogs.  Hoping to run some more soon.

    Firstly, I'm delighted to confirm that I'm now working with the Animal Behaviour Centre in Chertsey (part of The Company of Animals) teaching puppy classes and follow on classes on Tuesday evenings and Saturdays.  The facilities are amazing and I am having so much fun teaching group classes again.  I also started puppy beginners at Yew Tree Vets in June.  I'm hoping to run the Good Citizen courses at Chertsey as well as Stoneleigh.

    The second bit of good news is that The Walkabout Group have asked me to work with them to teach scent work classes.  Planning is in the early stages but there will be workshops in Stoneleigh and Woking to give owners a taste of this fast growing activity.  I'm excited to get started because if your dog can sniff... they can do scent work.  Sign up for the waiting list as this is going to be popular.

    Finally, on a personal note, thank you to everyone who sent good wishes to me and my new husband, Tony, on our recent wedding.  The day was wonderful and the dogs got to come and spend some time at the reception.  As you can see, I even got a photo with them in my dress!


    Have a good weekend and hope to see you soon,

    Sara, Tony, Edie and Rupert.

  • April 2019

    March has finally ended and what a month it's been!  Our visit to Crufts was a double success with Rupert winning the Post Graduate Bedlington Terrier Class (his first Crufts win) and me picking up my Kennel Club Accredited Instructor award!

    Terrier Day is always fun (and noisy) and although it was a very long day with our judging starting early we all enjoyed it.  Rupert loves being at shows (I wouldn't take him if he didn't) and he enjoyed staying in a hotel the night before.  It was lovely to see dogs walking around reception without being stopped!  We met up with the rest of the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club entries including a lot of Rupert's family!  It's so nice to catch up with everyone.  

    And the Kennel Club presentation was really a celebration too.  There were a dozen trainers in various modules who had passed their KCAI and it was an honour to be recognised in this way.  I also got the chance to wander round the stalls and chat with some of my suppliers - especially Butternut Box as Rupert is fed exclusively on this food!

    The last Nonsuch social walk took place on Sunday 24th March and it was lovely to see all the pups and older dogs interacting.  Edie and Rupert were there as usual keeping an eye on everyone.  As Nonsuch Park is getting busier with the weather improving, the next walk will be at Horton Country Park on Sunday 12th May 2019 at 10.30am.  It's a much quieter venue and means we can walk without worrying about the crowds.  For those of you who haven't visited there before, it's on the main road between Ewell and Malden Rushett.  Don't forget to let me know if you're coming along so we can wait for you.

    I've been up to the field in Warnham a couple of times too, the first time it was very muddy and Rupert loved getting dirty!  Edie wasn't so keen especially as they both ended up getting a shower when they got home.  Since then, the ground has dried out and last week I was up there working on Rupert's recall, show walk and we even practiced a little agility on the fences.  It gives my two a chance to run off some steam and have some down time so they really love it.

    The website rebuild is going slowly with some new pages being added which I hope you will find of interest.  And the Facebook page is taking up some of my time too with new events and items being added all the time.  I'm also doing two sessions on recall and socialisation.  I love teaching recall workshops - it's such fun to see owners and dogs actually working together.

    Finally, it's Easter time again.  I'm sure I don't need to remind everyone to keep Easter eggs and goodies out of your dog's reach.  Chocolate is very dangerous to dogs but so too are some house plants given as gifts and other gift items can be chewed and swallowed which may mean a trip to the emergency vets over the long weekend!  Much better to give your dog it's own Easter gift - a nice toy or chew - so they don't snaffle yours!

    Have a happy Easter and hope to see you all soon,

    Sara, Edie and Rupert.

  • February 2019

    It's been a while since my last newsletter and so much has happened at the start of 2019.  I have settled into my new home with the dogs and, despite dealing with a family member with a serious illness who was hospitalised for seven weeks, business is starting to pick up at last together with the spring flowers.

    The good news is that the Good Citizen classes ended with three passes in Bronze (Kuki, Nellie and Ruby) and all the Silver group (Cosmo, Keegan and Hugo) passed their certificates!  Congratulations to them all - they were absolute stars!

    Rupert and I are heading off to Crufts on Saturday 9th March to the show and I was delighted that he won his class at the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show.  We are both feeling a little more confident and looking forward to walking on the famous green carpet!

    I'm even more excited to confirm that after passing my KCAI practical assessment I have now received my accreditation as a KCAI member in Companion Dog training.  And I'll be getting my certificate at Crufts on the same day as I'm there with Rupert.  It's been a long five years but totally worth it to know I am now a KCAI (Cd) endorsed trainer.

    Enjoy the sunshine and hope to see you all soon.

    Best wishes,

    Sara, Edie and Rupert.

  • December 2018

    The last newsletter of the year is always a chance for me to look back at the puppies, dogs and owners I've met during the past 12 months.  It was a busy year and I had the honour to work with a lot of new pups and people.  Because of my move to the Surrey Hills, I ran the last of the puppy classes at Aspen Vets in November/December.  I can't believe that the last few years have flown by so quickly.  My thanks and love to Peter, Gill, Clare and all the teams at Aspen Vets and Ewell Vets for their help, friendship and support that made the classes such a success.

    I'm getting ready to set up classes in Cranleigh and the surrounding area and getting 1-2-1 referrals from vets in the area.  It's going to be like starting again in lots of ways but I'll still be in touch with everyone wherever you live.  The Good Citizen classes will continue in Stoneleigh and also in Cranleigh or Warnham.  I'll have to keep going just to get Edie to Gold and, as you all know, that could take a LONG time!

    Things have changed so much since I first started training.  It's not just about the dogs and owners these days.  To be successful you have to be visible not just in person but online too.  I'll be increasing the number of posts to a weekly article offering tips and advice on the website and also the Facebook page.  If there's anything you'd like me to feature, please let me know.  If you haven't already liked the Facebook page, please do.  I do try and answer all your messages but the best way to contact me is by email to sara@rewardsdogtraining.co.uk.  Unfortunately, the hills are not good for mobile signals so I don't get texts or voicemails until 24 hours later.

    Talking of which, thank you to everyone who came along to the Christmas social walk in Nonsuch Park.  As usual, we had a lot of fun and raised £30 for DOTS (Dogs on the Street) who do such good work keeping up with homeless people and their pets.  If you want to donate or find out more visit their website at www.dogsonthestreets.org.

    What else has happened?  I've finally passed my KCAI Kennel Club Accredited Instructor) application and have now moved on to the next stage which is the practical assessment where I have to teach a couple of classes and then answer the assessors questions.  I'll need some volunteers for the classes and to book a venue, so keep an eye on the Facebook page.

    I'm also working on my Foundation Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management which is proving interesting as it's been a long time since I did any homework of my own.  For those of you who got homework in classes, I'm now getting it paid back!  I'll also be doing some IMDT courses to get some more recognised qualifications.  It's good to stretch myself and I'm looking forward to putting all this knowledge in to practice in my training and behaviour work.  Am I still a trainer?  Yes I am.  But I'm now also a Canine Consultant as I'm taking on more and more work that includes training AND behaviour.  It means I can help more people and gives me the chance to diversify too.

    On a personal level, I'm excited about going to Crufts in March to show Rupert.  It was always my dream as a child to show a dog at Crufts and it's finally going to come true.  I can't wait!  Edie and Rupert have settled in well to their new home and love the woodland walks they get (look out for my article in 2019 about over exercise).  As you may know I changed their food to Butternut Box a few months ago and Edie is so much happier.  She's always been picky and had a few "bottom" problems but this food has made such a change to her health.  And while I use the food as a customer, and pay for my own orders, I am also an ambassador for the brand too so I get a small thank you payment for everyone who signs up for a subscription.  I'm always open about my links because I never want to let my clients down.

    Finally, I want to wish and your dogs a very MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Edie and Rupert will be having their own Christmas dinner and chilling out with the family.  I hope the presents (new collars and a toy each) are more of a hit than the poor old lonely turkey from last year (who still sits in the toy box in pristine condition).

    Hope to see you all again in 2019.

    Sara, Edie and Rupert.

  • October 2018

    Hello from Rewards Dog Training!  It's been a very interesting year so far and I can't believe that the summer flew buy and we are now in autumn.  I hope your dogs coped with the very VERY hot weather and didn't struggle too much.  Cool coats and mats were running out of the doors of most shops although Rupert and Edie spent most of the time with their friend, Gladys the Schnauzer, under the fan and on the cool wooden floors.  I ran a couple of puppy classes at the vets but with the temperature rising, we organised the graduation for early in September at Nonsuch Park one Sunday morning.  On the day it was still very warm for the time of year, so everyone got a Billy & Margo doggie ice cream afterwards from the café.

    The reason things have been so quiet is because I have now moved from Surbiton to the Guildford area.  Edie and Rupert are enjoying living in the countryside and they now get four short walks a day in a wooded area where they can sniff and snuffle to their hearts content (Rupert gets covered in leaves every time at the moment).  We went to the beach at Climping and although Edie still hated it, Rupert had a brilliant time.  We are also exploring our new home right in the middle of the Surrey Hills on our longer weekend walks.

    For the last couple of months, I have been coming back to run classes and working with clients, but the time has come to move the classes to my new location.  I have a local vet surgery on board and have been busy networking so that once the New Year arrives, I can get back to doing what I love the most - working with people and their dogs.  I'll still be working in the Surbiton and Epsom areas doing 1-2-1 sessions and the Kennel Club Good Citizen classes as well as behavioural sessions for groups and individual dogs and their owners.  There will be recall, loose lead and socialisation workshops on a monthly basis and I hope that lots of you will continue to come and work with me.  I'll be finding new, exciting venues so watch this space!

    Because of the move, I'm delighted to confirm that the puppy classes at Ewell and Aspen vets will be taken over by Jo from Furrytails from January 2019.  Jo has recently qualified as a dog trainer and has been a friend for some years, while running her own very successful day care and boarding business.  I'm so happy to be handing over to someone I know and respect and Jo has some wonderful new ideas for the classes.  And not just for puppies either.  You can contact her at jo@furrytails.dog or visit her website at www.furrytails.dog.

    Finally, Rupert gained another first at the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club show last month and is still on course to show at Crufts in March.  We'll be practicing his nice walking a lot and I need to up my game a lot more too so I don't let him down.  If you're planning to visit on Terrier day (Saturday) come over and say hello!

    With woofs and barks from us all,

    Sara, Edie and Rupert.

  • June 2018

    It's been a busy couple of months with the puppy classes full and the Bronze group doing so well.  Congratulations to all the passes and to those who are not ready yet come back and take the exam soon!  In the meantime, I am looking at finding a new day and venue for the Good Citizen Classes as I am planning to run a Silver course very soon but it's proving difficult to do more than one class on the same evening.  Details to follow.

    I'm looking forward to judging the dog show as part of the Family Fun Day in aid of The Surbiton Royal British Legion Youth Marching Band at Alexandra Millennium Green (at the rear of Alexandra Rec in Tolworth) on Saturday 16th June.  The dog show starts at 2pm, registration opens at 1.30pm  I'll be there all afternoon to chat and if you need a new harness or lead, come along for a fitting.  I've also got the wonderful SEA TREATS back in stock.

    Finally, as you can see from the photo, we had fun at Glitz and Bones in North Cheam with their Royal Wedding Breakfast.  Rupert took a liking to the Pawsecco!  Gemma puts on events through the year and will soon have some tables outside for people to sit with their coffee and tea (from the cafe next door) while their dogs have a nice ice cream which are now in stock.

    Have a good month and hope to see you at the dog show!

    Sara, Edie and Rupert.


  • May 2018

    Hello everyone and hope you have enjoyed the unusually hot May Day bank holiday!  Edie and Rupert got out for a lovely woodland walk in Surrey and thoroughly enjoyed it.  No point getting a paddling pool as Rupert chewed through the last one...!

    Puppy classes have been going really well and lots of nice pups passing their foundation course and getting their rosettes and certificates.  If anyone hasn't received their certificate yet please let me know as I have them in stock now.

    The latest Bronze course is working hard and their exam is due on Friday 18th May.  If you weren't ready last time, please let me know if you want to come back and take the exam again.  I'm introducing a small admin charge of £5 for returners and numbers will be limited.  The next Bronze course starts on Friday 8th June.  I have a couple of places left and will need a non-refundable deposit of £25 to confirm the booking.  Anyone who has passed the Puppy Foundation is eligible to join the Bronze.

    I'm planning some more workshops on recall, pulling on the lead and socialisation again this summer.  More dates to be confirmed but the first recall one will be on Sunday 3rd June at 11am in a private venue and places are VERY limited.  £25 per dog.

    As a lot of you may have heard, the Data Protection Act has changed and the details were included in the latest newsletter.  You don't need to do anything if you want to stay on the list but if you decide to unsubscribe there is a link to do so.  Please be assured that all emails are for training and marketing purposes only and your data is never shared or sold to any third party and never will be.

    Finally, the big news is that Rupert has qualified for Crufts 2019!  He achieved third place giving him his first Championship Certificate at the National Terrier Show in Stafford.  Now all I need to do is get him through his Bronze!

    Keep in touch and enjoy the good weather.  Hope to see you all soon.

    Best wishes,

    Sara, Edie and Rupert.

  • Happy Easter!

    It's been a terrible end of the winter with lots of rain delaying dog social walks and other events.  But hopefully now we officially in summer time, things will improve and I'll be running some social walks with a difference - walking in different environments, visiting a local cafe and even a pub!

    Puppy classes and the Good Citizen courses have all been running in January and the next groups are due to start again after Easter.  Congratulations to Gladys and Eevee for passing their Silver and Holly for passing her Bronze.  For those of you not ready please remember you can come back and take the exam again at any time.  For more information, check on the website for new dates.

    Finally, don't forget that the Easter Bonnet parade is taking place at 11am on Saturday 31st March at Glitz and Bones in North Cheam.  Edie and Rupert have been busy trying on new hats (hopefully I can make a hat for each of them to wear)!  If you're feeling crafty come along for the chance to win a prize hamper.  £5 to enter the contest and we'll be walking along the shopping area to show off those dogs!

    Happy Easter to everyone,

    Sara, Edie and Rupert.

  • January 2018

    News from the other end of the lead...!

    Almost at the end of January and it's normally a very quiet time of year but as I've now started taking on behavioural work I am finding that I'm busier than ever.  Last year I spent a lot of time updating my skills and I'm delighted to confirm that I'm now covering behaviour issues as well as the usual training.

    The puppy classes are full for February already and the next lot of Good Citizen courses start on the 26th January, which is also full.  If you want to join the next Bronze course please email me to register your place.  A deposit of £25 is required to hold the place with the balance due at the first session.

    I'm also going to be holding some short training sessions at Glitz and Bones in North Cheam on Saturday mornings at 11am.  I know that Gemma is planning some very exclusive events throughout the year (so join up on her Facebook page) and I'm happy that I'll be working with her for the whole of 2018.  Gemma is a dog nutrionist and if you need any advice about what to feed your dog, please go and see her.

    Finally, Rupert's birthday puppy social walk will be taking place on Sunday 11th February at 11am at Horton Country Park (weather permitting).  Details to follow.

    Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

    Sara, Edie and Rupert!

  • December 2017

    Another year gone by and goodness me, it's been a busy one.  I've had a chance to catch up with clients and friends old and new and it's been lovely to see so many of you this year.

    As you know, we sadly lost Bertie this April and this will be our first Christmas without him, but Rupert is looking forward to his first festive season.  Now 11 months old, he's definitely a teenager and he will be doing the Bronze course in January so lots of you will get to meet him.

    Edie has recovered well from her recent removal of the lump and I'm glad to say that it was benign so no further action needed.  She visited the groomers to get a tidy up for Christmas so her coat is now nearly back to normal.  She is still so proud of her Bronze rosette that she's going to be trying for the Silver!

    Thank you all so much for coming along to the Christmas Party!  I hope you all enjoyed the evening and thank you again for the donations to the Marleyboys Mission who help homeless people and their dogs in London and Brighton.  And, of course, BIG thanks to my lovely reindeer helpers - Frances and Jean - they were absolutely amazing and I couldn't have managed the event without them.  I'm beginning to think I need a full time assistant!

    On the training side, it's all go as I am completing my accreditation with the Kennel Club and will be certifying my behavioural qualifications next year.  I'm adding lots of new services so keep an eye on the website.

    Best of all the social walks are coming back!  I'm hoping to do a weekly walk at different parks around the area with different groups of people - puppy walks, terriers, small dogs and the allsorts group.

    So, I'm going to take this opportunity to thank you again for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you again in the New Year.  I wish you and your dogs a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Best wishes,

    Sara, Edie and Rupert



  • October 2017

    Hello from all of us at Rewards! It's been an amazing couple of months with lots of classes running and the Bronze and Silver groups running as well. Congratulations to those who passed and for those who weren't quite ready I'll be organising an exam night in the New Year so you can have another go. I'm delighted to say that the Silver and Gold groups start on Friday 3rd November at 7.15pm (numbers permitting). Both groups will be working together so it will help you to work with lots of different dogs around. Anyone who wants to join up please contact me asap.

    Rupert and Edie have been to Discover Dogs this year to help out on the Bedlington Terrier Rescue stand and they enjoyed all the fuss and attention. As you can see the behaviour and training team of which I'm a member had fun too!

    In addition, I am waiting for the assessment date for my KCAI accreditation. I will need a few volunteers to come and do classes with me to show the examiners that I know what I'm doing! I'll put out a call once the date is confirmed. I've been busy on courses too. I attended a three day workshop with Grisha Stewart learning about BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training). It's a really gentle way to help dogs who have issues to deal with them. I'm intending to become certified next year but am already using some of the techniques in the classes. This weekend I'm off to an Aggression in Dogs seminar so I am increasing my knowledge and hope to be qualified as a behaviourist so I can start working on helping more people. If you have any issues please let me know and we can see what we can do to sort things out.

    It's always a pleasure to network and so many of my clients are now setting up their own businesses - not just to do with dogs. I have a good set of contacts and I only recommend people I know and trust. I'll be updating the links page on my website soon but details are below for your information.

    Finally, classes will be running until the beginning of December and then it will be time to relax over Christmas. But not before we have our Christmas party! Save the date... 8th December at Dell Hall in Stoneleigh at 7.30pm. A chance to catch up with some of the dogs met in class as well as play a few games. There might be a few opportunities for some doggie Christmas shopping too!

    Hope to see you at the party!

    Sara, Edie and Rupert

    For all your doggie needs visit Glitz and Bones in North Cheam. Gemma is very knowledgeable and she's holding a hallowe'en costume competition on Tuesday 31st at 5.30pm. Come along and say hello!

    Looking for dog walking and other pet services? Greg and Luke from Premier Pups are based in Ewell and offer your dog individual attention. Contact them at info@premierpups.co.uk

    Messy Mutts offer holistic mobile dog grooming. Yvonne will come to you and her van is fully kitted out to give your dog a perfect experience.

    IGroom is another groomer, dog walking, day care and taxi service. Theresa takes good care of your dogs and gives your dog the spa treatment. Her website is www.igroom.co.uk and is based in Tolworth.

    Hidden Beauty 4 U is my guilty pleasure! Karen is a fully qualified beautician and uses the Dermalogica range. She offers some amazing treatments and will be holding some Christmas events for you to purchase all your beauty needs. Karen has been helping me with my diet as she is a Herbalife consultant too. It has changed my lifestyle and helped me feel better about myself and lose weight!  Contact Karen at www.hiddenbeauty4u.com for more information.

  • August 2017

    Well it looks like summer is over judging by the terrible weather we've been having.  I was planning to hold a birthday party social session for Edie who turns 4 this year but with the ground soaking wet it might be best to wait a couple of weeks.

    The classes all start again in the first week of September:

    Puppy Ewell - 5th September

    Puppy Tolworth - 6th September

    Puppy Chessington - 7th September

    Bronze class - 8th September 7.15pm

    Silver class - 8th September 8pm

    Don't forget if you didn't pass last time around you can come back on week 5 for the exam free of charge.  If anyone wants to do the Gold please let me know so we can get a class together.  I'm hoping to start a new class at a venue in Berrylands too, so hopefully that will be sorted out by next month's newsletter.

    Rupert's show career got off to a good start as we went to the Burgh Heath dog show.  Although we didn't win anything, it was valuable training for us both.  We saw the lovely Jean, Jim and Ruby who managed first place in the first class.  And I've seen a lot of you over the summer too which has been really nice to catch up.

    Also I've been doing some social sessions up at Glitz and Bones in North Cheam on a Saturday morning.  The shop is really gorgeous and sells some wonderful products so pop up there and see Gemma!  I'm putting together a list of recommended walkers, boarders and other businesses for the website.  It's so nice to see so many of my clients who run their own businesses and I'm always happy to recommend them.

    So lots of things happening in September and hope to see you all soon!

    Sara, Edie and Rupert xxx

    SNUFFLEMATS BACK IN STOCK!  If you want one let me know as I only have limited amounts left.  Plus I'll be placing an order for the Sea Treats soon too.  If you want to join my whatsapp group for order updates please text me.


  • July 2017

    This month sees the start of the summer holidays and I usually get a chance to catch up with my admin and paperwork ready for the new puppies in September.  I do run a July/August course but it's always very quiet so I've been able to focus on Rupert and Edie.

    The Bronze and Silver classes took their exams and they all did very well!  The Bronze class was particularly good especially as Edie FINALLY PASSED!!  It was her sixth attempt.  Now, you would think that I wouldn't tell you all that, but it just shows that with patience and training you can teach a dog anything no matter what age.  And that I am, first and foremost, a dog owner.  I was so proud of her!

    Despite the slow down, it's been a busy few weekends with Bedlington Terrier Rescue attending the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Champ Show in Nottingham.  Edie and Rupert took 3rd place in the "have a go" classes.  Ringcraft is new to me but I'm working on teaching him (and me) the right way to stand and what to expect.  It's a completely new experience!

    I was also at the Age Concern Dog Show at Nonsuch Park which formed part of the Golden Days Festival on Sunday 2nd July.  It was a lovely day, brilliant sunshine and so many people turned up that it was very difficult to judge the dogs! Rupert and Edie joined me for a little practice in the ring and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Am hoping they will put this on again next year.

    As a trainer, it's always good to attend conferences and seminars and I was at the Dog Bite Prevention conference at Kingston University on the 24th and 25th June.  The two-day conference was absolutely amazing with some world renowned speakers.  It's given me the chance to work on updating my skills and I'll be doing more training to include behavioural work.  It was nice to meet lots more people who have the same passion for dogs that I have.

    So, I hope you enjoy the summer and spend some time with your dogs.  The next Good Citizen courses will start in September and there will be some social sessions too.  I am planning to do some day time walks in the park so let me know if you are interested.

    Have fun!

    Sara, Edie and Rupert.

  • June 2017

    It's been a very busy month having been away on holiday and then back into the classes.  The Good Citizen Bronze and Silver groups are working very hard on their exercises with exams due on the 16th June.

    The dog show at Gibraltar Rec in Ewell on the 21st May was well attended and it was lovely to see so many clients old and new.  The new products are going down well, especially the Snufflemat.  Don't forget you can order harnesses, leads, dog treats and the mats through me at any time.  I am going to be at the Age Concern Dog Show in July which I'm very much looking forward to.  I'll be judging which is always fun!

    Finally, after seeing loads of dogs in Central Park, I promised you all a fluffy surprise...

    Introducing Rupert our new team member!  He's 21 weeks now and has settled in with Edie like he's always been with us.  Best of all his lovely breeder has done so much to help him before he left home (bringing his toys much to Edie's delight).  I'll be bringing him to classes now and again so you will be able to see how he develops.  He has some big paws to fill but I think he's going to be fine.

    Hope to see you all soon,

    Sara, Edie and Rupert

    PS.  There is a small dog social session at 10am on Sunday 4th June and a Big Dog session at 11am.  Please text me on 07504 925341 to let me know if you are coming.

  • Thank you to everyone who texted, messaged, emailed and sent their sympathies for our loss of Bertie.  I am so glad that he was so well loved and certainly he was a character that no one could forget!  The last small dog social raised £25 for Bedlington Terrier Rescue in his honour.

    April was a busy month with lots of classes as well as the social session.  I am now offering 1-2-1 Behavioural Adjustment Training sessions too.  If your dog needs a little more help with a particular issue, I am happy to come along and devise a programme for your dog to work to.

    As you might remember, I did an interview on Brooklands Radio earlier in the year and the link for this is below.  In the meantime, I've been featured in a local newspaper "The Good Life" in Surbiton but also there is an article about me and how I changed my career in this week's "People's Friend" (out on 3rd May 2017).  It's strange to find myself in the magazine that my family have read for years but it's very exciting!

    After my visit to Crufts and the chance to meet up with some suppliers, I am delighted to confirm that I am now a reseller for the wonderful "Sea Treats" fish products.  I talk about high value treats in the class and these certainly are high value!  They are great for keeping your dog's teeth clean and the Salmon oil is good for dogs joints and general well being.  I will be launching the sales at the GIBRALTAR RECREATION GROUND DOG SHOW on 21st May but if you are interested in buying any of these 100% natural and sustainable fish treats then please contact me.

    I am still selling the Dog-Games harnesses and leads - free fitting sessions available.  These harnesses really do make a difference to your dog's balance and walking.  I was asked if I thought they encouraged pulling - I can tell you that Bertie had one and he was the worst puller ever!  But he didn't pull in his harness.  I still use these products on Edie so you know that I wouldn't recommend them unless I was happy to put my dogs in them.

    Finally, the latest product and the one I am most excited about is the Snufflemat.  This product has been recommended by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT UK) and is a great way to encourage your dog to use their noses as well as mentally stimulating them.

    Don't forget the next Bronze and Silver Good Citizen courses start on Friday 19th May and I'm planning to run a Gold course later in the year!

    I am on holiday for the first two weeks of May and will be answering emails only.  And when I get back I might have a very small, fluffy surprise for you all...

    Enjoy the bank holiday!

    Sara and Edie


  • Some very sad news...

    I hope you all had a lovely Easter and are enjoying the sunshine and the good weather at the moment.  This time of year is always special and my dogs enjoy getting out and about and smelling all the new flowers.

    Unfortunately, Bertie had been very poorly for the last couple of months and sadly we lost him on 13 April.  I can't tell you how devastated the whole family are because he was such a big character.  Edie, in particular, has been struggling being on her own but she is doing fine and has had lots of friends visit so that she doesn't mope.

    Bertie was 15 when he passed but he had a very long and fulfilling life.  He came to us from Battersea Dogs Home and was the reason that I started dog training.  He inspired me to help owners who just wanted to have fun with their dogs.  He was truly a dog in a million and will never be forgotten.

    Our thanks go out to the whole team at Aspen Vets in Tolworth who have helped us during this very difficult time.

    Hope to see you all soon,

    Sara and Edie.


  • Happy Birthday!

    I can't believe it's a year since I set up Rewards Dog Training!  And what a year it's been.  I've seen old clients, new clients, been to Discover Dogs with Edie, joined Bedlington Terrier Rescue as a coordinator and I've met lots and lots of dogs!

    With the spring now in full bloom, I'm launching the social sessions with a special birthday party at The River Club on Sunday March 12th at 10.30am.  As usual, there will be some social training, some off-lead time and a few games with prizes too.

    £10 for one dog, £15 for two.  Please text me on 07504 925341 to let me know if you are coming along so I can text (just in case it rains) to reschedule.  It also helps me to know what numbers to expect.

    Finally, the February Bronze group did really well in their exam and I started the latest Bronze course on the 3rd March.  The next course starts again in May so please email me if you want to join the class and see how much fun you can have with your dog.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the party!

    Sara, Bertie and Edie.

    March 2017

  • Spring is on it's way!

    Hello everyone and a very belated Happy New Year.  I hope that 2017 is going well for you already and that your dogs had a good time over the festivities.

    The puppy classes restarted in January and I am now taking bookings for the February/March courses.  It's a pleasure to be working with the local vets and I'm really enjoying seeing so many pups having fun.

    On Friday 3rd March the next Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze course will be starting and I'll be running a Silver course soon again so if anyone wants to take the silver exam again, please let me know so I can add you to the list.

    Finally, my thanks to everyone for supporting me during a very difficult 2016.  It was without doubt, my worst year ever!  But I can say that Bertie, Edie and I are now looking forward to starting the small dog socials again in March and seeing you all again soon.

    Best wishes,

    Sara, Bertie and Edie.

  • The end of summer!

    Well it's been a very busy few weeks for me and the Rewards dogs. Bertie is doing well after his stroke earlier this year and is now settling into his retirement!

    The September workshops at The River Club were well attended and the weather held for them. It was nice to work outdoors in the sunshine!

    Puppy classes started up again in September at Aspen and Ewell Vets and I'm delighted to confirm that I am now working out of Chessington Vets each Thursday evening.

    I am still running Kennel Club Good Citizen classes on a Friday night. The latest Bronze course starts in November and there are a few places left. I'll be running the next Silver course in January. Don't forget you can come back to do the exam free of charge so if you weren't ready this time come back and try again.

    Finally, as you can see from the picture, Edie and I went to Discover Dogs this past weekend to represent Bedlington Terrier Rescue. We travelled on the train, tube, DLR and finally the Emirates cable car! We were both exhausted but it was fun to talk about the breed and celebrate 40 years of the rescue.

    Dont forget the clocks go back this weekend so it really is the end of the summer. Fireworks Night is fast approaching so if you need any advice please contact me.

    Hope to see you soon
    Sara, Bertie and Edie


  • August 2016

    I can’t believe it, but Edie turned three years old today! And she was delighted to hold a birthday party at her favourite place – The River Club. Thank you to everyone who came along and we had a lovely training session in the sunshine before it got too warm. In her honour, I’m donating £25 to Bedlington Terrier Rescue.

    Talking of which, I am now the London coordinator for BTR and we are going to be at Discover Dogs this year! If you want to find out more about this wonderful breed, please visit the website on www.bedlingtonrescue.co.uk or come and visit Bertie and Edie on our stand at the Alexandra Millennium Green Family Fun Dog Show which is being held on Saturday 10th September. For more information visit the Green Facebook page and come along to support this great, local natural asset. Registration starts at 11am and the show starts at 12 noon.

    Finally, I am planning to run some workshops each Sunday at The River Club in September. The cost will be £20 per place or £60 if you attend all four and pay in advance. For more information, email me as places will be limited.

    Have a good summer and see you all very soon,

    Sara, Bertie and Edie


    May 2016

    Congratulations to the Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze and Silver classes!  They had their tests on Friday and I was delighted to see so may of them working hard with their dogs.  Well done to those who passed and for those who are not quite ready, please come back and try again.  It's a great way to socialise and have fun with your dogs so contact me for more information as places are limited.

    Finally, an update on Bertie - I mentioned on the Facebook page that Bertie had a stroke a week ago.  Although it was very frightening, my canine first aid course came in handy.  We made him comfortable and got him to the vets as soon as possible.  He has responded really well to his medication and is now pretty much back to his normal self.  Big thanks to Aspen Vets for all their support.

    Hope to see you all soon at one of the events,

    Sara, Bertie and Edie


    May 2016

    A busy day for us all at Rewards as we were at the Friends of Gibraltar Rec Dog Show in Ewell.  I acted as the judge and have to say that all the dogs were brilliantly behaved and it was nice to see so many of them turning out for this lovely local asset.  (If anyone has contacted me via the website can you please send another request through as I lost most of my emails recently.)


    April 2016

    Below is the audio link for my interview with Brooklands Radio.  Was so nice to see the working of the radio station and to meet the presenters.  Am hoping to do some more public appearances soon!



    April 2016

    Am really excited to confirm that I'll be a guest on Brooklands Radio "Just Women" programme on Tuesday 19th April at 1pm. You can download the podcast after the show or listen online on the day. For more info about the show visit the link http://www.brooklandsradio.co.uk/justwomen.html


    March 2016

    It's been a busy couple of weeks getting everything set up including new work wear in some very bright colours! No one will miss me in class now.

    The puppy beginners classes are booking up and I am going to be running a Bronze and Silver Good Citizen course. I'll be contacting the Silver group next week but if you want any more information please drop me a line.

    I'm also planning some new social sessions with the Small Dog Social and a new venue, Alexandra Millennium Green, for a Tuesday morning session. Details will be on the calendar or the Facebook page.

    Finally, I'm taking on a few dog walking clients too. I'm offering a "Sniff and Stretch" walk for your dog or dogs (up to 2 per time). The dogs get a gentle walk on lead which helps them to learn to walk nicely and to get a good sniff in the local area. This may include street walks and walks in parks or wooded areas but it will all be tailored to your dog and your requirements. This is only going to be a limited number of clients so if you are interested, please contact me.

    Have a good weekend and see you all soon,

    Sara, Bertie & Edie