• Dog Training Workshops

  • From time to time I offer group workshops covering the specific issues that I get asked about the most.  These are often held in public parks, enclosed fields or at an indoor venue in Cranleigh or Epsom.

    Workshops include:


    "Why won't my dog come back"

    Recall workshop - learn how to get your dog back when you want in a way that makes your dog want to stay with you in a relaxed and positive way.  Make yourself more interesting and learn the four step technique for getting your dog back MOST of the time.  Please note that we cannot guarantee 100% recall as dogs tend to be easily distracted!



    How to get your dog to walk nicely beside you on a loose lead using either a collar, harness, headcollar or whatever you want to use.  This does NOT include choke chains, half check collars, martingales, slip leads or ANY aversive equipment or techniques.  We want your dog to be balanced and happy but still under control.


    "Just a walk in the park?"

    A socialisation workshop to give you some tips about meeting other dogs at the park.  If your dog finds it hard to socialise and join in, I'll be able to give you the confidence to let your dog play, learn when to walk away and deal with other dogs and owners in a public space.


    "The Dog Detective" an introduction to scentwork

    Teach your dog the joys of scentwork!  A chance to work on developing your dog's detecting skills to find various scents.  Helps your dog work that brain and nose at the same time.  Ideal for people who want to do something with their dog that is low impact but still fun.


  • For more information sign up for the newsletter to get dates as they happen.  Places are limited and payment of £35 per dog is required in advance prior to the event.