• Behaviour Training

    We expect a lot of our dogs these days and sometimes it's too much for the dog to cope with.  Your dog may be showing signs of anxiety, over excitement or aggression and you may not know how to help them.  I have a great deal of experience with rescue dogs (my own and others) who often come with a lot of baggage when you adopt them.  I started working with The Walkabout Group on behavioural sessions on Saturday mornings with my own dog, Bertie, who was unsocialised and a bit of a hooligan.  I soon discovered that aggression and bad behaviour can be caused by so many different reasons.  In order to make sure I am able to offer the best service possible, I've also continued my professional development to include aggression and behaviour courses.

    My approach to behaviour training is holistic.  I look at the dog as a whole including history, environment, nutrition, training and family set up.  I don't judge anyone for what may have been done in the past.  There are no right or wrong answers to the questions I ask at the assessment and I hope that you feel you can answer honestly.

    I can't guarantee 100% that I can "fix" your dog.  I can't guarantee that things can be sorted out quickly.  What I can PROMISE is that I will only work with you if I feel I can help make life better for you and your dog.  All I ask is that you work WITH me and commit to any training programme we decide on going forward.

    If you want more information please contact me by email.