• Train in a relaxed and happy atmosphere

    Any age, breed or shape of dog welcome!

  • Welcome to Rewards Dog Training!

    All our training classes are designed to help you train your puppy or dog in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Whatever age, breed, size or shape we can help you and your pet build a lifelong, happy and positive relationship. We also offer group social sessions and 1-2-1 training courses at home for those dogs who don’t do well in a class situation.

  • Rewards is delighted to be working with Aspen Veterinary Surgery, Ewell Veterinary Centre and Chessington Vets providing group training classes for new puppy owners.

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  • Rewards also offers personalized one to one training courses offered at home and in the park where you need the help most. 

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  • It’s always nice to get a group of dogs and owners together in a relaxed environment and the social sessions we run are designed for just that

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  • My name is Sara Ward and I have been involved with and owned dogs since childhood, all with different and sometimes challenging characters.

    It was through my love of working with my own dogs that I decided to complete a dog training instructor course that covered all aspects of dog ownership and training.  To further my education I attended seminars, read everything I could and worked with other local and international trainers – all with different types of dog training and methods.  It was during this time that I recognised that I wanted to do something different, something that focused on the owners too not just the dogs. 

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