• Train in a relaxed and happy atmosphere

    Any age, breed or shape of dog welcome!

  • Welcome to Rewards Dog Training!

    All our training classes are designed to help you train your puppy or dog in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Whatever age, breed, size or shape we can help you and your pet build a lifelong, happy and positive relationship. We also offer group social sessions and 1-2-1 training courses at home for those dogs who don’t do well in a class situation.

  • Rewards is delighted to be working with Aspen Veterinary Surgery, Ewell Veterinary Centre and Chessington Vets providing group training classes for new puppy owners.

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  • Rewards also offers personalized one to one training courses offered at home and in the park where you need the help most. 

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  • It’s always nice to get a group of dogs and owners together in a relaxed environment and the social sessions we run are designed for just that

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  • My name is Sara Ward and I have been involved with and owned dogs since childhood, all with different and sometimes challenging characters.

    It was through my love of working with my own dogs that I decided to complete a dog training instructor course that covered all aspects of dog ownership and training.  To further my education I attended seminars, read everything I could and worked with other local and international trainers – all with different types of dog training and methods.  It was during this time that I recognised that I wanted to do something different, something that focused on the owners too not just the dogs. 

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  • As a listed trainer I am running courses during the year including Bronze, Silver and Gold. These courses are more formal but also we try to make them fun. Email me for more details and dates of the next courses.

    KC Good Citizen Scheme

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  • Forthcoming Sessions



    Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze course



    Puppy Beginners at Ewell Veterinary Centre



    Puppy Beginners Aspen Vets Tolworth



    Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver Course

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